Hi! My name is Piotrek and I will help you be productive while enjoying Slow Living.

Do you want to have more time for your family, live your dreams, realize your goals with no stress? On my blog you will find the best tools and methods to achieve that, but also real life examples how I, my readers, and famous people organize their lives.


My name is Piotrek Nabielec and for the last 3 years I’ve been teaching people how to be productive while enjoying Slow Living.

In all materials I create, I am sharing concrete, proven ways to improve your effectiveness. I do that, because I love helping people achieve their dreams and bring positive energy and passion to their projects.

About me

I am a trainer with IT background, a great fan of simplicity and practical solutions for everyday life. I help people, teams and organizations improve their soft skills. I create classroom and online trainings to help people achieve more with less stress.

My motto

I believe that productivity is not about completing as many tasks as possible, but also choosing and planning them, so they support key organization and life priorities. I connect productivity with mindfulness, being present, passion and joy. I am happy when I can help people live such life.

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Online course (in Polish)

Productivity step by step

Improve your effectiveness in 30 days and build new positive habits by working with me and other participants by spending just 10-15 minutes a day.

  • 31 unique lessons and homeworks
  • Access to course materials available 24h a day
  • Over 20 tools and methods that help increase effectiveness
  • Over 400 people trained already!
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Video online course (in Polish)

E-mail under control

Change your e-mail and calendar habits and save 15 to 60 minutes every day.

  • 10 techniques to help you manage your e-mail and calendar
  • Over 3 hours of video, with transcripts and audio version available
  • 14 video modules with additional exercise and materials.
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My trainings

Are you developing your own business? Or maybe your company is looking for new ways to improve productivity and how to work more wisely and effectively? On my trainings and workshops I help people improve their soft skills and help teams to organize in a better way.

Do you have any questions?

Just leave me a message. I read all of them personally.

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