• Planning a day with changing priorities.
  • Managing e-mail inbox and calendar.
  • Handling distractions.
  • Organizing effective meetings.
  • Avoiding burnout and losing focus in large projects.
  • Knowing key productivity habits and a way to form them.
2 days x 8 hours = 16 training hours


Managers work in a very dynamic, ever-changing and complex environment with multitude of tasks, meetings and e-mails, but our education rarely covers these topics. In many situations working time and private life is affected. We wanted to fill this gap and give every manager a set of practical and industry-proven tools that greatly help in everyday work.


Group of 10-15 people:

  • Future IT team leaders, preparing to take on this role.
  • IT team leaders without much experience in this role.
  • Experienced IT team leaders willing to develop their soft skills.

Topics covered:

Day 1

  • How to effectively form a habit (1.5h).
  • 8 dimensions of a task list, Eisenhower matrix, Pareto principle (2h).
  • Vision, Mission, Strategy, Goals, Tasks (2h).
  • Avoiding burnout – 4 circles, Flow, Fun Theory (2h).

Day 2

  • Being productive vs being busy – proactive approach, real and fake goals for a year, quarter, week and a day (2h).
  • Distractions and strategies to deal with them (1h).
  • Organizing effective meetings (2h).
  • Managing e-mail and calendar – hands-on session (2.5h).


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