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  • Knowing multiple project management frameworks and their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Improving quality of estimations and project tracking.
  • Understanding my own and other team roles and how to use them effectively.
  • Improving quality of interpersonal communication – inside and outside the team.
  • Improving team and personal productivity.
6 months - 6 days x 8 hours, each session separated by a month.


Very few companies have a systematic leaders development program in place that equip people with the right tools. Rarely there is a systematic soft skills training available. This is why managers frequently work long hours and sacrifice their private life, while their development is chaotic – reading random books, articles on the Internet and attending conferences. We wanted to make a change by creating an effective training cycle that covers best, industry proven techniques for project management, personal and team productivity, interpersonal communication and making presentations.


Group of 10-15 people:

  • Future IT team leaders, preparing to take on this role.
  • IT team leaders without much experience in this role.
  • Experienced IT team leaders willing to develop their soft skills.

Topics covered

Session 1

Managing a project

  • Project management frameworks – Waterfall, Scrum, Kanban; Agile Manifesto.
  • Dividing into iterations, customer scenarios, breaking down into tasks.
  • Estimation.
  • Optimizing end-to-end process of software development.

Session 2

Large projects

  • Evolution of a Task List and Product Backlog (1h)
  • 8 dimensions of a task list, Eisenhower matrix, Pareto principle (2h).
  • Vision, Mission, Strategy, Goals, Tasks (2h).
  • Avoiding burnout – 4 circles, Flow, Fun Theory (2h).

Session 3

Team, roles, cooperation

  • Belbin team roles, my role (2h).
  • Various interpersonal communication styles and helpful tools – 6 thinking hats by de Bono (2h).
  • Role of emotions in communication and how to deal with them – Non Violent Communication and Cognitive-Behavioral model (3h)

Session 4

Personal and Team Productivity

  • How to effectively form a habit (1.5h).
  • Being productive vs being busy – proactive approach, real and fake goals for a year, quarter, week and a day (2h).
  • Distractions and strategies to deal with them (1h).
  • Managing e-mail and calendar – hands-on session (2.5h).

Session 5

I as a Leader

  • Strengths, personality, how am I seen by others – discussion on personality tests results (1.5h)
  • Learning and teaching effectively, Kolb cycle, learning styles (2h)
  • Creating messages that stick (2h)
  • Public speaking (1.5h)

Session 6

How to never stop growing

  • Personality and strengths at work (1.5h)
  • SCARF model – how to open and close communication. (2h).
  • Summary – communication workshops based on 1:1 conversations (3h)
  • Periodic reviews and program closing (1h)
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