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Getting organized is critical to increase team and personal productivity. During this two days long hands-on course learners will practice goal setting, time management skills, prioritization, conducting effective meetings and effective e-mail and calendar management.
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2 days

Scrum and Agile

Two day introduction into Scrum and Agile world, which builds a solid foundation and allows to feel their core values in practice.
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2 days

Leadership Academy

Most organizations lack an organized leadership development programs. During this set of six hands-on, one day long courses, separated by a month, learners will practice project and time management, how to improve personal and team productivity, interpersonal communication skills and techniques for team and organizational development.<br />
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2 days

Piotr is a great trainer passionate about his job. He is an expert in knowledge sharing. I appreciate his professional attitude connected with optimism and sense of humor."

Anna Jaszcz, Business Analyst

I can honestly say that Piotrek is an expert with outstanding knowledge but, at the same time, he knows how to pass information in clear and understandable way. He is constantly looking for feedback and tries to improve his training/coaching skills."

Joanna Wołczańska, HR Lead

Piotr is really great trainer passionate about his job. I like especially his individual way of treating participants and explaining issues in case of any doubts."

Marcin Lelek, Scrum Master

Piotrek is an excellent trainer and innovator of ways to improve productivity for his colleagues and the greater community."

Rachel Koh, Business Executive

Piotr is an excellent trainer. I've been on some of his courses and he was always well prepared and engaging."

Ben Szymański, Software Development Manager

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